Wednesday, July 11


Vista Chinesa

This is an old image. I am becoming a photographer of old images: I don't have time for new ones (except the ones I take with Instagram but that is another story for another post).

I like the skyline in Rio. I like it soooo much! I find it one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen in my life. Rio is a gorgeous city. I believe that ecological conscience is something that has been always present among most of the Brazilian people. And this is why you have a city of almost 8.000.000 people like this: green!

You can say it is decadent, poor, criminal but nowhere in the world you see this harmony.

Homesick would you say? Yes I am. And again, I will make the time needed to go to all of these touristic places again. Stroll through the real "stuff". The green!


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  1. I agree...and Iam homesick too! Specially in the Dutch summer...


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