Monday, June 25

Another brick


The last couple of months have been very funny. Preceded by turbulence, everything suddenly got very calm, as if it is a after-storm period.


In the meantime, my intuition keeps screaming, and I obey it, diligently. Resiliently.

I think I know what waits ahead. I am ready. I think...

In the meantime, a picture of amazing Berlin. This is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  A place capable of invoking very strong feelings. Astonishment by how human life is treated without any respect sometimes. Astonishment with the crazy humans and their ideas. Everything loaded with the best intentions of the world.

The light was playing tricks on the day I went to Berlin. And here is a very nice example of that. It was cold and sometimes, the sun would come out between the clouds, projecting very sharp shadows on one side of the blocks. I accentuated this contrast and got as a by-work, the contrast of the clouds. Which I didn't like, but anyway, it is there.

I also gave permission to myself to eliminate two heads and one body that were distracting my vision. Funny me. This is no documentary work. I was just full of the best intentions of this world.

Have a cheerful week!


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