Wednesday, June 20



I have grown up with the idea that someone is or either "Very Good" or very bad. And the very bad ones, should well, be extinguished.

I have never learned that there is a "gray shade".

With this idea, I have implicitly inherited the erroneous concept of "just give up if you can't do it".

Can't sew a dress at first? Give up.
Can't be a Leibovitz in photography? Give up.
Can't put your leg around your neck on the yoga class? Give up.
Can't stop smoking on the first trial? Give up.

And today I realized how mischievous this thought was for my entire existence on earth! How I have just delayed my progress on many senses to things I loved to just because "I was not good enough".

While I was doing the yoga today, I got amazed how I progressed if compared to when I started on November last year.

And I almost had a heart attack when I realized how angry and sad I would become when my personal trainer was knocking at my door in Rio at 5:30AM every Mondays and Wednesdays.

I hated sports. I hated to move my little body but somehow I insisted, even "not being good enough". I was the last one to cross the 10km line on Kika run three years ago. In fact, I run as a turtle. But I insisted. And yet, instead of being happy for insisting, I was SAD. I was kicking my own butt and telling how weak I was. Instead of just doing it (Nike!) I just would sit and stop for a while and think that it was worth nothing. Just to start again.

And today, I saw the light. For my own progress and to understand the weakness of others.

Progress is like an orbit... sometimes you are closer of your objective and sometimes you go a bit far, just to get back again closer of your objective. And there we go... there is no such a thing of  "walking behind". Just go, advance, keep doing it. And you will come closer of your goal once again. Didn't collide yet? Doesn't matter! Another trip, another turn, and there we go again. Closer and closer.

The Universe is so wise!


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